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How Synapse Medicine simplifies the management of the PING Clinical trial with Datacapt?

“The Datacapt solution allows you to optimize your studies management, with quality and safety assurance.”

Louis LétinierCo-founder & Medical Director

Synapse Medicine was created by Dr. Clement Goehrs, Dr. Louis Létinier, and Bruno Thiao-Layel in 2017 to support healthcare workers in reducing iatrogenic risks and the general public to take medicines safely.

data collected on Datacapt Platform

Why did you choose Datacapt for your PING clinical trial at Synapse Medicine?

The key objective of our PING trials was to review the impact of doctors’ use of Synapse Platform, on the frequency of inappropriate drug prescriptions in discharge orders, for patients over the age of 65.

For this purpose, the doctors will alternate between a period of time when they are using Synapse Platform for their prescriptions, and a period when they cannot use Synapse.

The entry and exit prescriptions of the 200 included patients are analyzed by two experts, and the results will be compared between these two periods.

The inclusion being distributed in multiple services between the Bordeaux University Hospital and the Libourne Hospital, it is absolutely necessary to centralize the information of each patient’s medical file, so that the 2 experts can analyze the prescriptions according to the necessary clinical and biological data.

For each included patient, all information useful for prescription analysis will be entered into eCRF Datacapt, following the inclusion visits (patient’s entry to the care service) and the end visit (discharge of the patient).

Thus, with real-time access to the eCRF of all patients in the trial, experts will be able to analyze each patient’s prescriptions independently and easily.

Furthermore, using Datacapt allows us to monitor in real-time the completion of each eCRF and therefore the progress of each patients.

What are the main benefits for you?

Accessibility to all eCRFs in real-time for all enrolled patients allows the centralization of medical data necessary for our prescription analysis.

The internal and independent construction of a unique eCRF on Datacapt allows us to save time. The form builder is very intuitive, flexible and powerful with more than 20 questions types.

Furthermore, the platform allows efficient and real-time data monitoring and review since the data is directly exploitable. Our Data manager can easily export all data collected in different formats.

How did the Datacapt implementation go?

After a training meeting on the Datacapt tool, we built our PING trial eCRF according to our desired modalities.  The study construction lasted 3 weeks and we have been assisted all along, thanks to an efficient and very available staff.

The eCRF interface where we collect data is very ergonomic and intuitive, which facilitates the organization of the investigating team but also, the monitoring and vigilance units.

The implementation went smoothly and serenely.

What would you say to companies to convince them to use Datacapt?

The Datacapt platform allows us to optimize our study management, with quality and safety assurance.

This platform allows us to build our eCRF easily and quickly following our own procedure. We can monitor the progress of ongoing clinical trials in real-time, and save time on data management and analysis.

The tool is easy to use and the Datacapt support service is very available.

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