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Televisit with modern and secure video

With eConsult, reach your patients from anywhere and take your clinical trials to the next level thanks to decentralization, video visits, and follow-ups.

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Pair Televisits in seconds

with eCRF, ePRO & eConsent. You can access all your forms from one place, no need to switch between applications.

Recruit, Screen and Enroll

Take all the steps directly from the platform. Everything can be decentralized, 100% compliant.

Increase access to trials

Reduce time and travel, and make it possible for busy people to take part in your trials.

Recreate onsite experiences

Teleconsultation allows for the same level of privacy and accuracy from the comfort of the patient home.

Manage and perform your visits remotely and enhance your patients engagement

Conduct your studies remotely and collect all your data as if your patients were onsite. Access all your modules (eConsent, eCRF, and ePRO), and engage better with patients. All that, from on a single platform!

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Improve patient engagement and access

  • Less time and travel for the patient

Both your patients and your center save up time thanks to the eConsult. This allows you to reach patients that live far away and/or have busy schedules.

  • Reduce the site and patient burden

Having patients daily on-site can be time-consuming. Consulting them on the eConsult avoids any missing paper, noise, and stress.

  • Connect more easily with your patients and address their concerns

The eConsult allows for the same level of discretion. By avoiding the stress of the commute, the patients are more willing to share information and address their concerns with the centers. This creates an on-site-like experience, without the disadvantages.

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