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Improve the management of your clinical trials and build studies within hours. Focus on the essentials and capture high-quality data with Datacapt. 100% Secure and Compliant


Improve your clinical trials and reduce study build time.


Collect surveys data directly from participants


Simplify your entire consent process and save time.


Improve engagement with teleconsultation.


Do away with your paper forms for your clinical studies. Easily build your study and your eCRF. Capture, process and export data faster. Real-Time reports and progress.


Increase the engagement of your subjects and collect the data from the questionnaires directly from the subjects on different media (tablet, phone…). Create and send your surveys within minutes.


Electronic and secure consents. Reduce your consent process by more than 50%. Start your studies faster.

eConsult / Decentralised Study

Perform your clinical trials remotely with our tele-consult module. Remote evaluation and secure decentralization of your clinical studies with ease. Personalized subject follow-up

Data Analysis Probes CK

Simple and fast management of your instrumental measurements, automatic creation of your data tables with analytics.

Why chose Datacapt ?

Datacapt solutions allows you to manage all steps of your clinical trials thanks to simple and adapted functionalities (EDC, eCRF, ePRO/eCOA, eConsent…).

  • Complete and secure solution (21 CFR PART 11, ISO 27001 …)
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Track your clinical trials with real-time reports and data
  • Build and start your clincial trials in minutes
  • Access your library of ready-to-use forms (eConsent, eCRF, ePRO…)
  • Save time and increase your quality with Datacapt
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Datacapt takes care of everything.

Data Security

HDS certified hosting for security and real-time data backup.

Premium Support

Our support is available at all times to ensure that your studies run smoothly.

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