Electronic Data Capture - Improve your clinical trials and reduce study build time

Datacapt is a global cloud clinical data capture (EDC) system for all your clinical research with flexible and innovative tools. Build and test your eCRFs within minutes, capture and export your data effortlessly. Compliant and secure, Datacapt allows you to improve your efficiency, research process and quality from pre-screening to database-lock!

Optimised data collection

Capture all your data through a tailored interface, monitor your inclusions and the overall progress of your studies in real time.
Real-Time save and backup.

  • Easily enter your volunteer/patient data
  • View the progress of your inclusions in real time
  • Track and validate your data easily (monitoring/queries)
  • Update and consult the collected data directly
  • Access status and progress of inclusions in real time
  • Sign your eCRFs in accordance with 21 CFR PART 11 recommendations.
  • Database-lock
  • Export your eCRF data in several formats (CSV, XLSX, PDF…)
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Maximise your productivity

Benefit from the associated functionalities and simplify the management of your clinical studies.

  • Simplify the management of your clinical trials with intuitive features
  • Easily manage all user accesses
  • Allocate access rights according to the role of each participant (Project Manager, Data Manager, ARC, Technician, Investigator, Auditor, Sponsor…)
  • Store all your study documents so that the various parties involved can access them quickly and securely.
  • Trace all data and user actions (audit trails) in agreement with GCP.
  • Randomize your subjects
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An unbeatable level of safety and performance

Datacapt is a validated solution that complies with the standards and regulations in force for your clinical studies (RGPD, CFR 21 PART 11, ICH GCP, etc.). Benefit from high availability hosting (>99.9%) of your data on HDS and ISO 27001 servers. Immediate replication of your data is ensured on a remote server. Datacapt implements frequent checks to guarantee you security and reliability at all levels.

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reduction in study build time and set up
reduction in monitoring of collected data
secure (HDS, data backup...)

Datacapt supports you and adapts to your different needs thanks to an innovative and flexible solution.

For CROs, hospitals, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, biotechs, universities…

Our solution meets your functional needs, adapts to different fields and allows you to optimise the performance of all types of simple or complex clinical studies.

How does Datacapt ensure the security of your data?

Ensuring the security of your data is essential, which is why Datacapt is 100% committed to the implementation of a number of control points for its protection.

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