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eCRF - eSource
(Electronic Data Capture)

Datacapt’s eCRF
make it Easier, Faster, and Scalable.

Datacapt eCRF and eSource is an all-in-one eClinical solution designed for modern clinical trials. With a clean and intuitive interface, we provide enhanced accessibility and flexibility empowering researchers to conduct clinical research efficiently. Collect, access, manage, review, and share clinical trial data from any device, at any time!


Streamline data collection

Experience the power of our user-friendly interface, revolutionizing your data collection process like never before. Easily manage your subjects and their progress.

Get real-time reports and metrics

Real-time study progress and metrics, gaining valuable insights. Access standard or custom reports for in-depth data understanding and analysis per subject or center. Make data-driven decisions with confidence. Export data in multiple formats (Excel, CSV, PDF, SAS).

Simplify your monitoring.

Access advanced and comprehensive monitoring features such as data review, queries, signatures, source data verification (SDV), and data locking, among others.

There’s more…

100% autonomous

Invite users, assign roles, and manage permissions seamlessly with our user-friendly interface. Enjoy a smooth and fast experience at every step without any help.

One unified Platform

Experience the most intuitive and comprehensive eClinical platform in the industry. Our flexible, modular platform offers fully integrated solutions such as ePRO, eConsent, Televisits, CTMS, RTSM, and much more…

Compliance and Security

Our platform is ISO 27001, 21 CFR PART 11, and GDPR compliant. Backups are taken every 4 hours. Data is replicated in real-time in a paired region. An external full backup is performed every 24 hours in a third region.

And so much more.

Protocol amendments



Automation and alerts

+85 languages

99,99% uptime and Backups

We can make your clinical trials more efficient!

Start transforming your clinical trials experience with Datacapt Platform.

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