eConsent - Secure electronic informed consent for your Clinical Trials

Secure eConsent module to easily manage subjects Informed Consents and accelerate the start of your studies in full compliance.


Creation of the consent

Create your informed consent in a few minutes and send it to all subjects in one click, allowing you to greatly enhance the participant experience.

Electronic signature decentralised or on site

The subject has easy access to a dedicated space to securely sign the consent electronically. A copy is kept and saved in real time.

Starting your studies

Directly linked to your eCRF, you can access the rest of your study with complete peace of mind.

Why choose an eConsent module for your clinical trials?

of sites report that eConsent improves their Consent process
of participants prefer eConsent to Paper Consent
digital and secure

Simplify your entire consent process and save time

  • Regulatory compliance (RGPD & 21 CFR PART 11)
  • Improvement of the Informed Consent Process
  • Improve subject engagement
  • Integration of your informed consents and multimedia elements (photo, video …)
  • Dedicated and secure space accessible by the subject on different media
  • Simple and easy to use