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How PhD Trials went from paper and Excel to Datacapt?

“We notice a real time-saving in the various clinical trials realized with Datacapt. Building our simple or complex eCRFs is fast and flexible, requiring no technical skills. The use of the solution is intuitive and easy to learn.”

Pedro Contreiras PintoCEO of PhD Trials


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Who is PhD Trials?

PhD Trials® is a leading International Contract Research Organization engaged in the clinical assessment of the safety and efficacy of products for topical application (cosmetics or raw materials).

They are a multidisciplinary team of skin specialists, with more than 25 years of experience in the scientific support of the cosmetic industry.

The technical staff of PhD Trials® consists of skin physiologists, dermatologists, pharmacists, Ophthalmologists, Paediatricians, Gynaecologists, Vascular Surgeons, biologists, and engineers that are constantly developing new methods for measuring skin in different situations.

PhD Trails digitalized their clinical trial management with Datacapt

Compared with the amount of manual data entry and time-consuming tasks most clinical research teams have to deal with, the difference is night and day with Datacapt. PhD Trials went from painstakingly processing most of their data manually, to increasing productivity by managing their clinical tests and data through Datacapt’s centralized and automated platform.

Before Datacapt

  • Printing and logistics of forms

  • Manual data checks

  • Time-consuming double-entry process

  • Paper-based eCRF and Questionnaires

  • Manual data transcription in Excel

With Datacapt

  • Quick and easy building of studies and forms

  • 100% data visibility and traceability

  • Automatic controls of collected data

  • Real-time data export in one click

  • Faster data analysis

The Challenge

A major challenge

As one of the leading companies in in-vivo studies, one of the main challenges of PhD Trials® was to reduce the amount of paper used in clinical studies, which represents significant printing costs and complex logistics… They wanted to reduce this consumption by first digitizing the case report forms (CRF).

Objective: focus on the essentials

PhD Trials® research teams also wanted to find an efficient way to reduce manual tasks throughout the clinical study so they could focus on what was important: the volunteers and the ongoing protocols. Manually checking data on paper and transcribing it into Excel spreadsheets is very time-consuming. Increasing data traceability, reducing time-consuming tasks, and eliminating double data entry was a real challenge for PhD Trials®, determined to save time and improve quality.

Why did they take the leap?

Before using the Datacapt solution internally, PhD Trials® sometimes used an EDC system provided by the Sponsors, but these solutions were often complex and more adapted to the pharmaceutical field (drugs, vaccines…). Moreover, these solutions required a long training period and advanced technical skills. With the growth of the activity and an increased need for security, decided PhD Trials® to trust Datacapt and its EDC platform.

Successful challenge?

PhD Trials wanted an innovative and suitable EDC system

  • A quick and easy implementation

  • A new generation and intuitive interface

  • Simple and flexible construction of studies and forms

  • One-click management and export of structured data

  • A secure system with 100% traceability

The Solution

What does Datacapt offer?

Datacapt ensures a quick implementation: access the solution in less than 48 hours and carry out your first study a few days after the start. This solution is easy to use and allows teams to be autonomous quickly, without any particular technical training.

PhD Trials® first discovered the eCRF module. A few months later, after having noticed that the use of the platform was indeed quick and easy and the solution perfectly reliable, they renewed their trust in Datacapt by implementing a new module: the ePRO (voluntary questionnaire), which they were able to test during a first study, before adopting it daily.

The Datacapt platform has been designed with one objective in mind: to meet your needs by making your life easier.

A solution to fit the business

These modules, available on a single platform, allow you to follow the progress of your clinical trials in real-time. Monitoring and following-up of the data collection, on-site or at the volunteer’s home, is very precise and, saves time when reviewing the data.

The use of the EDC Datacapt platform also ensures compliance with standards and regulations. Thanks to HDS servers (health data hosting), and the respect of various regulations in force (GDPR, 21 CFR PART 11, ISO 27001…) to offer the highest possible level of security. Thereby, the solution increases sponsor confidence.

To offer a high-performance solution that is constantly evolving, Datacapt is constantly proposing new functionalities while considering the needs of its customers and users.

Since our first use in January 2021 we notice a real saving of time on the various clinical trials realized with Datacapt. Building our simple or complex eCRFs is fast and flexible, with no technical skills required. All our data is accessible in real-time and at any time, making it much easier to manage.

Pedro PintoCEO of PhD Trials

The Results

Objectives achieved and promises kept

The primary objective of PhD Trials® has been achieved thanks to the Datacapt platform: we have seen a reduction of over 90% in the use of paper in those studies. PhD Trials® has since conducted a large number of clinical studies with the Datacapt platform and has noted excellent customer satisfaction.

The Datacapt platform has allowed saving a considerable amount of time thanks to the automatic controls and calculations, the data validations, and the quick and easy data exports at any time.

Numerous manual controls are no longer necessary on the eCRF and the data tracking is done in real-time.

Drastic time savings and a better experience for the clinical research team and the volunteers

One of the biggest changes for the PhD Trials® team has been the use of the ePRO module, which allows data to be collected via voluntary on-site or in-home questionnaires linked to the eCRF. Volunteers can use their phones, tablet, or computer and are very happy with this change. This also allows for a better involvement from them.

The data from the questionnaires are now available quickly, without manual transcriptions in Excel. The processing and analysis of voluntary responses are then easier and faster.
Using the EDC Datacapt platform has allowed PhD Trials® to achieve their goals. They have seen an improvement in their processes and real-time savings in study and data management.

To Conclude

“The process of changing and evolving from paper to the eCRF system is now in course with good results for all: company, technicians, clinicians, and subjects in order to obtain a fast, simpler, and reliable system for the data capture and subsequently, analysis. The results are very good so far.”

Pedro PintoCEO of PhD Trials

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