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Why Datacapt?

Because Datacapt is an intuitive and secure solution that helps companies save time, control better, manage and track their clinical trials and data without paper forms or Excel spreadsheets.

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Clinical trial management and data collection are complex: use of paper, time-consuming processes, many manual tasks, no automation...


Better management of your trials and data!

We have combined various data collection modules with advanced functionality to create a clinical trial and study management platform that is perfect for your business.

Unique, comprehensive, and intuitive platform

Define all the steps of your clinical trials, control and monitor your data collection, and the progress of your trials in real-time. All this on a single interface for 100% control and visibility on all your clinical trials.

Modern and connected data collection

Your team and subjects enjoy secure access at all times. Your team can collect, track and monitor all your study data more easily and quickly. Eliminate all manual tasks, and paper forms and export your data in one click.

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Why improve the management of your clinical trials?

“Traditional paper, excel, or in-house solution clinical trials management are a barrier to growth. Modern solutions are not!”

Results seen by our clients

of our clients observe a time-saving in the completion of their trials
is the average time to build and implement a clinical trial using Datacapt.
of our clients observe better control and monitoring of data and trials with Datacapt

For better management of your clinical trials, choose Datacapt.

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