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& Personal Care.

Take advantage of an easy-to-use, intuitive, flexible, secure, and adapted platform to carry out all your clinical tests. Conduct more studies in less time and deliver faster. Datacapt allows you to accelerate the implementation and increase the quality of your tests.

Cosmetics & Personal Care, Datacapt is thought for you!

Clinical tests in the field of Cosmetics and Personal Care require an increasingly high level of quality and traceability. Datacapt is based on the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry and offers you a flexible, adapted, and secure solution for the performance of your clinical tests.

Fast data collection

Easily build and access all your forms: consent, eCRF, voluntary surveys. Collect all data faster and easier.

Centralization of data

Find all voluntary data on a single platform, accessible 24/7, and on different sites.

Photo acquisition and remote assessment

Collect and analyze photos of your subjects remotely. Benefit from a secure remote assessment linked to your data forms.

Data export

Easily export all your data in multiple formats with a few clicks and speed up your data analysis.

We chose Datacapt for one main reason: it is a complete platform. It has a single interface for all accesses with several integrated and innovative modules: eCRF, ePRO, and eConsent.

YolandeClinical Trial Manager

Choose Datacapt for your clinical tests in Cosmetics and Personal Care.

With Datacapt, manage your clinical data and tests, simply.

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