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How does Datacapt assist Sederma with its clinical testing?

“These three modules (eCRF, ePRO, and eConsent) are complementary, essential, and easy to use by the center or the volunteers.”

Emmanuel DoridotHead of Clinical Studies Laboratory


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Who is Sederma?

Based in Perray-en-Yvelines, France, Sederma, a subsidiary of the CRODA group, has specialized in the manufacture of innovative cosmetic actives for over 50 years and is renowned for its unique range of bioactive ingredients used in skin care, hair care, color cosmetics, and body care.

Sederma conducts extensive in-vitro, ex-vivo, and in-vivo tests to prove the effectiveness of its products. Innovation through concepts and ingredients are two major principles of the research teams.

Emmanuel Doridot, head of the clinical studies laboratory, and his team answered our questions.

Sederma has chosen a complete platform

Sederma has chosen to carry out all its efficiency studies using the eConsent, eCRF and ePRO modules.

Before Datacapt

  • Heavy paper consumption

  • Paper consents and paper forms

  • Heavy management of forms and data (logistics, data entry, etc.)

  • Difficulty of compliance with the RGPD

With Datacapt

  • Zero-paper

  • Increased data security

  • Easy management of data collection (consents, questionnaires…)

  • Better flexibility for the center and the volunteers


Sederma's challenges

Sederma used to print, supply, and manage paper forms and data as well as security and GDPR compliance before implementing Datacapt.

Goal: reduce paper consumption

For Sederma, the use of the Datacapt platform is obvious for many reasons: the all-in-one platform enables faster progress, solves the problems of data collection and exchange, and drastically reduces paper consumption. Sederma’s research teams saw a major benefit in the transition from paper-based processes to a digital solution to optimize the time and process of studies.

During the implementation of the solution, the Datacapt team showed a real willingness to listen and adapt the solution to our requirements.

Emmanuel DoridotHead of Clinical Studies Laboratory


Implementation by Datacapt: 3 modules

Sederma uses eConsent to send electronic consents directly with all the necessary information, making the study easier to understand and time-saving. The consent is signed electronically and subjects automatically receive a copy of the signed consent on their secure personal space.

The use of the eCRF module allows research teams to conduct the study directly on the tablet and to centralize clinical data and biometrical measurements on a single platform. The progress of the study is available in real-time, allowing precise and global monitoring (inclusion, collection, reviews and data controls, etc.).

The ePRO module allows forms and questionnaires to be sent by SMS or email to the various participants in a few clicks, eliminating 100% of the paperwork. Research teams and subjects are autonomous, exchanging and collaborating easily thanks to the Datacapt platform.

Key points for improvement

What Datacapt has enabled Sederma to do

  • Sending and receiving electronic consent in a few clicks

  • Decentralization of clinical data with real-time monitoring

  • Effective subject/center collaboration through questionnaires

  • Simplified and more secure data collection

  • Data accessible in real time and in different formats


Challenges solved

The Datacapt solution has enabled Sederma’s research teams to respond to its many problems. From now on, the storage of documents and data is facilitated and provides a paperless solution.

Compliance with the various standards and regulations as well as the security of personal data are ensured thanks to the fully secure and compliant platform.

Simplified management for both the centre and the volunteers

Thanks to the Datacapt platform, Sederma can send forms (questionnaires, drug treatment, etc.) directly to the volunteers so that they can fill them in at home, at their own pace, and without the risk of errors or omissions.

Datacapt has provided Sederma’s teams with enhanced security and considerable time savings since the investigating physician can consult these forms directly on his computer without the need for paper logistics or travel.

In 3 words, Datacapt it's?




To conclude

The entire Sederma team recommends Datacapt for…

“Companies wishing to reduce paper consumption and improve the security of data collected during clinical trials.”

Emmanuel DoridotHead of Clinical Studies Laboratory

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