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Because clinical testing is a time-consuming and costly process, we have designed the Datacapt tool to make your life easier. Datacapt, a platform designed for and by experts in the field and specialized in Cosmetics, Personal Care, and medical devices, will allow you to optimize your work and save up to 8 hours per week.

Move up a gear in 4 steps

01 - Replace your observation books and paper questionnaires. Create your studies and forms in a few clicks (eCRF/ePRO)

Managing your studies and data on paper is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. With Datacapt, creating your eCRFs and ePROs (voluntary questionnaires) has never been easier.

Choose up to 20 question types and quickly build all your forms.
Organize forms and questions in any order to suit your protocol.
Add repeat measurements, logical conditions, and real-time data validation/consistency.
Save and reuse your eCRF/ePRO forms in one click
The Datacapt builder (designer) allows anyone to easily design and customize their studies. You can start from scratch or use your templates in a few clicks and in record time.

Create your structure and questions according to your protocol.

The voluntary questionnaires (ePRO) are built in the same way as the eCRF forms. This harmonizes and simplifies the use of our platform.

“No more paper forms or complex solutions using specific coding, we save time and are 100% autonomous.

02 - Collect your eCRF data and send the participants questionnaires

Once your forms are designed, collect all your data through a flexible and intuitive interface. Do away with the cumbersome logistics of paper forms! Our solution saves and controls all your data in real-time to improve quality and speed.

Thanks to Datacapt, you can also send out your participant questionnaires and daily logs while monitoring data collection in real-time. You also have the possibility to plan automatic reminders. Volunteers use their phones, tablets, or computers to answer the questionnaires and this increases the commitment of the participants.

Finally, for your multi-center studies, the platform allows different investigators to collect and monitor form data in real-time at multiple sites.

03 - Monitor and track your data in real time

The Datacapt solution has many features that allow you to manage the collection of data in its entirety:

Get an overview of the progress of your study and all your forms thanks to interactive dashboards.

Take advantage of automatic consistency checks and reduce human error.

Sign your forms electronically: this allows you to do a partial freeze of the base and block your data at any time.

Access a monitoring page to view all queries for each volunteer.

Benefit from centralized, comprehensive, and detailed data traceability.

04 - Export and analyse your data with ease

No more double entry or retranscription of data in numerous Excel spreadsheets. Access all data directly from our centralized platform.

Export your data in one click and different formats according to your needs for a quick analysis. This will allow you to save a considerable amount of time, reduce the number of tasks to be managed and gain in quality while reducing human handling.

Datacapt, a complete and innovative platform

Datacapt also offers innovative modules for your clinical trials. Take advantage of eConsent (electronic consent) and eConsult (teleconsultation) and open up the field of possibilities for conducting your clinical studies.

The platform allows you to manage pre-inclusion, inclusion, follow-up, visits, adverse events, and much more.

Because choosing Datacapt also means choosing security!

During a clinical study, a lot of data is collected. This information must be highly secure, controlled, and accessible only to authorized persons.

Certain regulations on security and confidentiality are unavoidable and must be applied by all players: GDPR, CNIL and 21 CFR PART 11, ICH GCP, etc. This is why the use of a digital solution such as Datacapt allows you to comply with all the regulations in force, unlike the use of paper or Excel spreadsheets, outdated methods which do not guarantee the security and integrity of the data.

With Datacapt, a platform that is totally adapted to your needs, you can equip yourself with a high-performance tool that saves you time, improves the data quality and traceability, and allows you to significantly reduce the cost of your clinical trials.