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Let's sort out what's real and what's not

Electronic consent is a fast and secure process.


All subjects are taken step by step through the creation of their personal account in seconds. Subjects can authenticate themselves with a unique email and password combination. All data is secure, encrypted, and tracked in real-time.


Technical skills are required to use electronic consent.


The Datacapt platform is intuitive and requires no specific training to master. Your participants benefit from a dedicated interface and a secure personal account to find their forms and consents. Create, send and sign your electronic consents in just a few clicks.


It is more expensive to use an EDC platform like Datacapt for electronic consent than to use paper consent.


On average, between 3% and 5% of a company’s total turnover is spent on paper! Datacapt allows you to send all your forms and consents electronically via a secure email or text link. In addition, the consent process is simpler and more flexible, saving time in your clinical studies.


The subject and the center can sign the electronic consent on any type of device


You can sign your consent online from a smartphone, tablet, or computer without any installation.

The advantage? Participants have access to a very easy-to-use interface and are 100% autonomous in signing their consent.


Electronic consent is no more effective than paper consent.


Electronic consent allows a better understanding of the different points of the study with the integration of pictures, diagrams, or explanatory videos. All questions can be quickly addressed via the eConsult module before the participant signs the consent form.